Waikiki Beach Condo Rental: feel right at home

Are you thinking about an extending vacation in Hawaii and Waikiki? Instead of staying in a hotel, consider renting a Waikiki Beach Condo. Having your own place for your Hawaii vacation will help you feel  more like a local, and let you get a better value, especially when family and friends travel together.

6 great reasons to rent a Waikiki Beach Condo

There are so many advantages to a Waikiki Beach condo rental. Here are but a few:

    1. Convenience: It just does’t get any better than being close to everything in Waikiki. The beach, shopping, restaurants, attractions, and more are just minutes away.
    2. Space: A condo provides much more space than the average Hawaii hotel room. Each of our condo rentals at Canterbury Place has two bedrooms, a living room, a dining space, a kitchen and two bathrooms. By comparison, most hotel rooms only have a bedroom area and a bathroom.
    3. Lanai: Hotel rooms typically have a small balcony. Not so with our condo rentals. Ours are huge, with beautiful views of the shoreline and Diamond Head.
    4. Kitchen: Having the ability to make some, or even all of your meals can be a big budget saver. When you take into consideration that a simple hotel breakfast can run upward of $50 for two per day, and room service is even more, you quickly get an idea of the savings you’ll be able to make just on breakfasts. Add to that your ability to have snacks, drinks, lunch, and even dinner, and the savings add up quickly. Of course, you can eat all your meals in or out. With a Waikiki Beach condo rental, you have options! With a hotel, your options are much more limited.
    5. Laundry: Hotel laundry services are expensive. Imagine how much better it is to have a washer and dryer right in your Waikiki Beach condo rental! Pack less, and wash whenever you need clean clothes. You’ll save lots of money. And, if you pack super light, you may be able to bring just carry-on luggage so you won’t have to wait at the airports for baggage.
    6. Parking: Parking a rental car at a hotel in Hawaii can be quite pricey — in the range of $20 to $40 per night. Each of our units at our Canterbury Place Waikiki Condo rental includes one secure parking space. You won’t have to hunt for a spot, nor tip a valet. Just drive right in to your assigned parking place.

No cookie cutter environment

Each Waikiki Beach condo rental is unique and custom furnished in a modern, easy to live in decor. Staying in one of our Canterbury Place Waikiki Beach condo rentals gives you so much more. The amenities are fantastic and include a heated pool, Jacuzzi, dry sauna, gas powered barbecue station, recreation room, lawn chairs for sun bathing, and a small tennis court. Plus, you’ll feel safe and welcome with the premium security features, which include locked lobby doors, 24-hour private security services, and an intercom device.

Consider one of our Waikiki Beach condo rentals

We invite you to check out our Canterbury Units (#24C and #38A) and discover how easily you can live like a local while enjoying your Hawaii vacation.

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