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Published by on December 5, 2016

When traveling to Oahu, it would be a mistake to not visit Hawaii’s most famous beach, which is also one of the most recognized beaches in the world  — the Waikiki beach. Not only is the Waikiki beach rich with history, it’s absolutely breathtaking. You will feel like you’ve entered a postcard; the white sand, soft to the touch, blanketing the the gorgeous shoreline, the blue waves crashing in (perfect for a morning surf) — it’s simply paradise.

While aesthetically it’s no surprise that the Waikiki beach is a hot spot for travelers and tourists, the location is known for its interesting past. Here are some fun facts about Waikiki beach.


Waikiki Vacation Condo Rentals Diamond Head, Waikiki, at sunset.

Fun Facts about Waikiki Beach

  1. The name Waikiki means “fresh water spring.” Wai translates to “fresh water,” and kiki translates to “spring.” This is why the beach is commonly referred to as “Spouting fresh water.”
  2. The Waikiki beach is actually made up of several small beaches. There are eight sections, each beach distinctly different from one another. Have kids? Take them to the section of Waikiki Beach called Prince Kuhio. The water is calmer at this beach (commonly referred to as the “The Ponds”), and it’s great for swimming and play. If you’re looking to relax, hit up Queen Kapiolani Beach, where the stretch of sand is perfect for sunbathing. The beach is also home to a 1,000 foot outdoor movie screen! Movie nights are held there and are known as “Sunset on the beach”. If you’re looking to snorkel, try out the section called San Souci Beach. It’s one of the best spots to snorkel on this side of the island.
  3. Waikiki became a vacation retreat for Hawaiian royalty in the 19th century, and to this day celebrities have been spotted vacationing here! In the past Mark Twain, Shirley Temple, and Elvis Presley came to Waikiki to get away from the hustle and bustle.
  4. Waikiki Beach is where “modern surfing” began! The guys who brought surfing back were known as the “Waikiki Beachboys” and they first arrived in 1901. Edward “Dude” (pronounced “Dudie”) Miller was a champion surfer, and enforced a strict conduct on the beachboys that included a no drinking/gambling/female tourists policy, and the beachboys had to be cleanly shaven and wear uniforms. A lot different than the “hang loose” surfer style we are familiar with now!

Canterbury Place — the Perfect Waikiki Vacation Condo Rental!

The Waikiki Beach offers every kind of water amenity a person could desire. Golden sand, gorgeous palm trees, the best sunsets, endless entertainment (including surfing lessons, snorkeling, water boarding, boat rentals, hula dances, music, and more) — it’s a beautiful place to be. Interested in booking a vacation off the beach? Take a look at our Canterbury Units (#24C and #38A) which are the best Waikiki condo rentals for your Hawaiian venture.


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