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Published by on January 7, 2017

Waikiki Condo Rental — The Bishop Museum in Waikiki

Now that you’ve chosen to rent a condo in Waikiki, you may be wondering: what the heck is there to do in Waikiki?!

If you’re asking yourself that… come on, you’re on your way to Hawaii! You’ll be in paradise! Of course there’s plenty to do! Nonetheless, a great suggestion never hurts. If you can break yourself away from the sandy beaches, the surfing, and your Hawaii vacation condo rental at Canterbury Place, the perfect hotspot to hit (especially on those rare rainy days) is the Bishop Museum in Honolulu.

The Bishop Museum - Waikiki

The Bishop Museum is not only beautiful, but is also a great place to learn about Hawaiian culture. Celebrating its 125 anniversary this year, the museum will take you all the way back to the origins of the first Hawaiian settlers — starting in the museum’s Pacific Hall.

After you have discovered the roots of the Hawaiian people and culture (who moved to the Polynesian Islands from Asia), continue further into the museum to the Hawaiian Hall that highlights the royal history (as we mentioned in our last postWaikiki is known for one being the “playground” of the Royals!). The Hall is refurbished into three parts: The first dives into the origins’ of the people, the second part is all about the aboriginal daily life, and the third commemorates and pays respect to the islands’ major kings, as well as influencers.

While The Bishop Museum may take you away from the Mai tais and sunbathing for an afternoon — what you’ll gain in knowledge will certainly make up for it. Likewise, The Bishop museum often hosts interesting events that are sure to please.

Return of the Blood Moon – The Bishop Museum

In fact, later tonight (Tuesday Oct. 7th), around 11:14 p.m. the Bishop Museum is holding a viewing party, called the “Return of the Blood Moon”, for when Hawaii’s stars align perfectly for total lunar eclipse! The Earth will orbit between the sun and the full moon, which will cause a dark shadow to cast across the moon’s surface. The total phase of the eclipse will take place between 12:25 a.m. and 1:24 a.m. It’s safe to say that it will make for one amazing, life-changing experience, happening in Waikiki — one of the greatest places on Earth! For more information in the viewing party, click here.

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The Bishop Museum is just a cherry on top of the biggest and best ice cream sundae you could ever imagine. Waikiki will not disappoint in weather, relaxation, fun, and cultural experiences, it’s truly the spot to go for the vacation you’ve been waiting for — the vacation you deserve. Book a condo rental in Waikiki at Canterbury Place. Looking for more information? Check out the rentals we offer here — Unit 24 C, Unit 38 A. Want to know what the difference between the Units? Check out our comparison page!



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